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35 Arlington County Commissioners & Councilors Endorse Tenley Peterson for Arlington County Board

Updated: Apr 23


April 16, 2024

Contact: Austin Locke,

Arlington, VA – Today, Tenley Peterson announced the endorsements of 35 current and former Arlington County Commissioners and Councilors. Tenley Peterson is seeking the Democratic nomination for an open seat on the Arlington County Board in 2024.

11 Current and Former Arlington Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commissioners (FAAC) 

Thelma Askey 

Patrick Bogenberger 

Gillian Burgess 

Paul Holland 

David Kinney

Joan McDermott 

Jessica Olson

Anthony Perez 

Connie Phlipot

Sue Robinson 

Kevin Yam

11 Current and Former Arlington Planning Commissioners (PC)

Eric Berkey

Elizabeth Gearin

Karen Guevara

Jim Lantelme

Elizabeth Morton

Peter Robertson

Leo Sarli

James Schroll 

Jane Siegel

Tony Striner

Daniel Weir

13 Additional Current and Former Commissioners & Councilors

Christer Ahl, Crystal & Pentagon Cities Council

Ben D’Avanzo, Crystal & Pentagon Cities CouncilDuncan Barron, Disability Advisory Commission

Susan English, Crystal & Pentagon Cities Council

Meg Flores, Transportation Commission

Marguarite Gooden, Juvenile Detention Commission for Northern Virginia

Caroline Haynes, Forestry & Natural Resources Commission

David Howell, Forestry & Natural Resources Commission

Shruti Kuppa, Parks & Recreation Commission

Bill Ross, Arlington County Employees Retirement System

Jason Schwartz, Housing Commission

Chris Slatt, Transportation Commission

Steve Sockwell, Forestry & Natural Resources Commission

In a joint statement, the Commissioners and Councilors stated, “Since 2011, we have seen the impact of Tenley’s work. She has been remarkably effective in bringing folks together and achieving positive change. Her years of hands-on experience with budget and planning decisions will make her an effective advocate for all Arlingtonians on day one. We wholeheartedly support Tenley Peterson for Arlington County Board.”

In response to the endorsements, Peterson said, “I am honored to have so many of my colleagues from Arlington County’s commissions and councils endorse my candidacy for County Board today.” Peterson was on FAAC for eight years, including four years as Chair. She was appointed to the Planning Commission in 2019 and now serves as its Vice Chair. She continued, “I have enjoyed working with this dedicated group of community leaders to make sure our decisions center on people and reflect our community’s values. I am humbled by and grateful for their support. I look forward to continuing our productive working relationship if elected to Arlington County Board.”

Peterson is also an APS substitute teacher, mom of three, a union member, and a communications professional. Peterson is a progressive Democrat who believes that a public servant’s number one responsibility is putting people first when making policy decisions. If elected, Peterson will bring experience, pragmatism, and kindness to the County Board to find solutions that work for all of Arlington.

To learn more about Tenley Peterson’s candidacy, visit


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