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Arlington needs housing that works for everyone. Whether you want to live in an apartment, condo, townhome, duplex, or a single family home, I want there to be a place for you in Arlington. I supported Expanded Housing Options. And we need density near the metro with affordable units on site. We must also help aging seniors adapt their homes so they can age in place.


Arlington must be a leader in addressing climate change. So much of what we love about Arlington directly relates to sustainability and being good stewards of our community. Our parks rank among the best in the country. We need to increase nature in our community and protect our tree canopy. We need to prioritize the use of solar panels and grow our EV charging infrastructure. We need to continue to develop and invest in our public transportation network while also acknowledging that cars are important for many families and seniors. Supporting housing density along the metro corridor is also crucial in the fight against climate change. We must reduce emissions by making our new buildings efficient and preserve infrastructure when feasible.

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Support our schools. As a parent and a substitute teacher, I know first-hand that Arlington has a strong school system. Our students are intelligent, thoughtful, and caring, and they should graduate ready for whatever they choose whether it be continued education, military service, or a job. Our schools keep our community strong, attract new families and businesses to the area, and support our real estate tax base. I will support our schools—students, teachers, and families.


Arlington needs to make sure our public safety works for everyone in the community, including our public safety officers. There's a nationwide shortage of police officers, and I want our police to feel invested in our community, part of our community, welcome in our community, so they can do their jobs well for everyone in the community.

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Arlington must lower our office vacancy rate. We need to support our local businesses and also attract new businesses to our vibrant community. We need to look at our zoning to see how we can align office vacancy with community needs, such as expanding daycares and supporting local start-ups. We also need to look creatively about converting office space for alternate uses, such as for homes and schools. 


Arlington needs to support those in need. A strong social safety net and caring for our community members through our public programs and our local nonprofits is essential to our future as a progressive community. We need to make sure every veteran, every family, and every child has a home to live in, healthy meals, proper health care including access to mental health services, and a safe place to go when home is not safe.

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I have been a lifelong ally of my LGBTQ+ friends and community members. I deeply believe everyone in our community deserves equal access to health care, support in our schools, and county services and programs that welcome and support the LGBTQ+ community. I have marched in the DC Pride Parade, and I was at the steps of the Supreme Court in 2015 to celebrate marriage equality. I bring my kids to drag storytime. I was at Singapore's very first “Pink Dot” as an ally, and I managed a sexuality education program in Singapore that supported LGBTQ+ youth. Check out the AWARE Saga podcast for more info.

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