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Photo of Tenley with a white shirt and suit coat smiling at the camera with her arms crossed.


Pink Swirl

An Experienced Leader for

All of Arlington


Early Voting through Saturday, June 15

Vote early at Courthouse Plaza, Madison Community Center, or Walter Reed Community Center. Learn more.

Election Day Voting on Tuesday, June 18

Vote between 6:00am-7:00pm at your Polling Place. Same day voter registration and voting is possible.

Ranked Choice Voting

Our election will be Ranked Choice Voting again. You will have the option of choosing your top 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice candidates. For your vote to count, it's important that you do rank three candidates. Here is a 2-minute video that explains how it works. (The results are not a weighted average. The 2nd or 3rd choice votes only count if the preferred candidates are "eliminated.")

Photo of Tenley with one of her daughters holding a pink "Abortion is Healthcare" sign from Planned Parenthood in front of the Supreme Court

Progressive. Experienced. Pragmatic.

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